VuWall CoScape

VuWall CoScape

VuWall CoScape is a truly wireless presentation system designed for meeting rooms, that allows easy collaboration and sharing of computer content on a video wall, a large monitor or a projector.

Whatever device you are using, be it a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, in no time and without any preparation, you can now get your content onto the screen, freely move it around, share It with others, wait for feedback while other participants are sharing their data too on that exact same screen, all in a very intuitive way.

Plug and Go

Joining a meeting, sharing data with other participants and starting to collaborate without having to worry about how to get your content on the screen or which content to show where; it has never been so easy. With CoScape, there are no cables cluttering the meeting room table and no training is required to understand how it works. No hassle at all. Just plug and go.

Imagine the following situation: you want to give a presentation and you enter the meeting room with the presentation on your laptop.

Simply follow the next 3 steps:

Connect > Insert > Present

1. Connect your laptop to the WIFI network of the room
2. Insert a CoScape USB key in your own device (laptop in this example)
3. The content of your device appears on the video wall (or projection screen)

Simultaneously, the CoScape application opens on your laptop, and is only there in case you need it to adjust the way your desktop is projected. If you don’t need to adjust, you simply start your meeting with no extra steps to follow.

Download a PDF: Introduction to CoScape

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