PanoTek® Products


Display Wall Controllers

PanoTek offers a complete range of turn-key display wall controller systems, suitable for the smallest collaborative video wall right up to the largest wall comprising more than 100 Mega-pixels.

Each base model is offered with numerous hardware and software options to precisely meet customer requirements.

Display Wall Software

PanoTek Display Wall Controllers are typically supplied with control software pre-installed, as per customer’s selection from the available ordering options.

This section of our catalogue outlines the features and functionality of the software products that we offer.

Software license, upgrades and maintenance subscriptions may also be purchased separately.

PanoTek® Pixel Delivery

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Imaginative Technology

PanoTek® systems employ unique technology. In the mind of your customer it will seem like magic.

True Know-How

There is no substitute for deep knowledge coupled with broad experience. PanoTek® is here to help you obtain a brilliant result every time.