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New products to debut at Integrate Expo 2016

08 Jul 2016

PanoTek is launching its newest model display wall controller, the DWC-900 at Integrate Expo in August.

This new controller is designed especially for board-room and meeting-room environments, and is perfectly suited to driving display walls of up to nine panels in size.

Complementing this new release is the all new CoScape Control software from VuWall Technology. The combination of CoScape Control and the DWC-900 provide an extremely simple to use “plug and play” display sharing system for your meeting or board room.

IP video stream decoding hardware option

26 Jun 2016

PanoTek’s full line of display wall controllers are now able to decode multiple streams of H.264 encoded IP video at up to 4K resolution.

This feature is provided by the new, award-winning Matrox Mura IPX decode card which also provides live video capture of 4 x HDMI signals at 4K resolution.

A version of this card that also encodes back to IP video will be available in 2017.

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