PanoTek® About Us

About Us

PanoTek is the “go to” specialist for pixel delivery solutions in the Australian and Asia-Pacific region. PanoTek supplies through a network of value-added partners.

In a short space of time PanoTek has established an impressive catalog of reference sites for collaborative display wall systems for both control room environments and customer-facing applications. We market a range of controller systems for display walls large and small, leveraging core hardware and software technology from segment leaders Matrox Graphics and VuWall Technology.

We also offer class-leading digital signage solutions, including software and hardware from Navori Labs, PanoTek’s own Panorama™ dynamic signage platform, and display presentation technology from NEC and SiliconCore.

For pre-sales advice you are most welcome to call our sales line on:

+61 3 9024 8711

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We look forward to being part of your next pixel delivery project!

PanoTek® Pixel Delivery

A brilliant move.

Imaginative Technology

PanoTek® systems employ unique technology. In the mind of your customer it will seem like magic.

True Know-How

There is no substitute for deep knowledge coupled with broad experience. PanoTek® is here to help you obtain a brilliant result every time.